April, 2020

ICE Equity Derivatives Report

April 2020 Highlights
Throughout April, volatility across equity markets declined & markets showed signs of recovery on the back of countries beginning to ease lock down measures and reopening economies. 

Since March 23, the MSCI EM Price Return Index recovered close to 50% of its prior decline, closing April down 17% YTD. Over the same period, the MSCI World Price Return Index regained 60% closing April at 2,052, down 13% YTD.

This market rebound was not backed by any concrete resolution: the long-term effects of the COVID-19 crisis remain unclear and it’s too early to tell what shape a recovery will take.
ICE: The leading venue for MSCI Index Futures

In stressed market conditions ICE offers an efficient platform for equity investors to manage their global equity exposure. Read more in a new blog by MSCI on 'Using Derivatives to Manage Volatile Markets'.
  • MSCI EM Asia Index Futures (Ticker ANSA) - over $650Mio traded this month, with a competitive price picture on screen of up to 1bps B/A spread during US hours
  • MSCI Emerging Markets Index Futures (Ticker MESA) April ADV of 124K up 67% YoY, OI of 1.24Mio lots down 5% YoY
  • MSCI EAFE Index Futures (Ticker MFSA) April ADV of 45.5K up 86% YoY, OI of 500K up 47% YoY
  • April ADV across all ICE MSCI Index Futures up 67% YoY to 172k lots, OI down 2.5% YoY to 2.07Mio lots
  • New research from MSCI shows that ESG indices out performed their parent indices during the COVID-19 sell-off. ICE MSCI ESG derivatives offer a simple tool for ESG integration
ICE: The home of UK Equity Derivatives
April saw moderate recoveries in FTSE 100 & 250 with YoY volumes up in the respective futures contracts. Dividend uncertainty and heightened volatility proved to be a bane for both Index and Single Stock Options, but had an opposite effect on the FTSE 100 Dividend Index contract which had strong performance.

ICE is the home of FTSE Index derivatives and is committed to the development of this franchise. With YTD volumes in the FTSE 250 Futures and Options up 11% and 1500% respectively please contact the ICE Equity Derivatives team to learn more on the developments in the UK Mid Cap Sector. 

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