August, 2020

ICE Equity Derivatives Report

August 2020 Highlights
ICE: The leading venue for MSCI Index Futures

August saw risk assets continue to rally with equity indices reaching record levels. The new highs were achieved against a backdrop of increasing geopolitical tensions and uncertainty around the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. In August, the MSCI USA Index rose 7.5% while the MSCI Emerging Markets index returned 2.1%.
Increased on-screen activity in the MSCI ESG Leaders Index Futures reached a total notional OI of $185 million.
Last month, we announced a series of initiatives to further develop liquidity in a range of Asian MSCI contracts, which will be launching on Sept. 21. These include:
We also announced the upcoming launch of three new futures contracts on the MSCI Japan NTR USD, the MSCI Japan ESG Leaders GTR JPY and the MSCI USA minimum volatility NTR USD Index.

Access a full list of all ICE MSCI Futures and their associated vendor codes and contract specifications here.
MSCI Index Futures

ICE: The home of UK Equity Derivatives
With markets seemingly in summer mode, activity has been muted in the main ICE U.K. Equity Derivative benchmark contracts. This was in stark comparison to August 2019 when U.S./China trade tensions caused a surge in volatility.

The performance of the FTSE 100 & 250 Indices has been mixed over the last three months with U.K. stocks underperforming compared to their European peers. U.K. Equity benchmarks have been playing catchup compared to their U.S. and European peers and are still down approximately 20% for the year. Energy shares have been hit by dividend cuts and the fall in oil prices has dampened the rebound in the FTSE 100. This is in comparison to the S&P 500, which is up around 7% for the year on the back of a historic stimulus and a rally in tech stocks.

Contact the ICE Equity Derivative team to learn about the development of the FTSE franchise, including  our plans to develop the U.K. Mid Cap Sector with a focus on the FTSE 250 Futures and Options. Learn more about our flexible Single Stock Futures and Options on U.K., European and Emerging Market stocks.      

NYSE FANG+ Index Futures
On Sept. 28, ICE U.S. will make several changes to NYSE FANG+ futures, including:

  • Reduce the multiplier from $50 to $5
  • Convert open interest to adjust outstanding positions to the new contract size
  • Change the name of the contract to Micro NYSE FANG+ Index Futures

High Performance + Controlled Risk

The FANG+ Index has increased nearly 140% since bottoming out in mid-March. Given this dramatic rise in the index, the Exchange believes the new, smaller contract size will appeal to a more broad-based selection of participants. Flexibility will be enhanced, and multiple market makers will still be active to ensure a liquid trading environment.

Composed of 10 highly-traded growth stocks, NYSE FANG+ provides exposure to a select group of next generation technology companies.

Read our recent blog post Benchmarking the Tech Giants to learn more about opportunities the NYSE FANG+ Index provides.    

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